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Unlike regular car wash, exterior car detailing is a more in-depth, intensive cleaning of the outer components of a vehicle. The process involves preserving the brand-new look of your car, reducing surface scratches, removing impurities and contaminants from the paint like rust, grime, dust etc.

Professional detailers at LuxMotive offer the best, premium quality exterior car detailing in Melbourne.

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Exterior Car Detailing/Cleaning
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Our Exterior Washing Process

Car Washing

At LuxMotive, exterior car detailing in Melbourne begins with a thorough cleaning of the wheels. This is done with an acid-free wheel cleaner and iron deposit remover, dissolving brake dust, road grime and dirt. We use a soft wheel-woollies brush to agitate the inner barrels and face of the rim. Thereafter, we thoroughly hand-wash each wheel using a PH-neutral shampoo

Pre-Rinse Snow Foam Wash

In the next step, we allow a pre-foam to absorb as much dirt and grime from the paint surface without touching the paint, thereby significantly reducing the creation of swirls. We gently use a microfiber mitt and wipe down the entire exterior, ensuring we are not introducing swirls to the soft paintwork. The car is then cleaned with high-force water and left to dry.

Deep Cleansing

Now we move on to decontaminating the area in detail. This is a kind of chemical decontamination, where we use both iron and tar removers followed by a clay bar. This process ensures embedded contaminants are taken out of the paint as simple washing cannot achieve the same.

Polishing and Sealing

Finally, new protective wax is applied to remove the remaining grease, scratches and scrapes. We then apply a paint sealing to restore the original shine of the car.

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Exterior Clense

From $150

During an exterior cleanse process, we thoroughly wash and decontaminate the car. Contaminants are removed, both mechanically and chemically, ensuring a smooth, clean surface. And it is performed on every exterior surface of the car, including all intricate spaces. Also, this process visually enhances the paintwork, and as it is an essential part, we perform it before any of our paint correction services.

exterior car detailing

Ceramic Maintenance Detail

From $80

We reserve our maintenance washes for those who have their cars coated with our Wax is Dead ceramic coating range. This process will ensure you have a thoroughly cleaned car and, the coating performs beyond its capabilities. We perform resets, film removal, and other necessity to ensure your coating is keeping your vehicle safe.

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Auto detailing is the most convenient and cost-effective way of maintaining your car. It’s an important process that improves your car’s performance and longevity, preserves upholsteries and corrects exterior paintwork, maintains hygiene, preserves vehicle’s re-sale value and maintains the overall appearance of your car.

We come to your specified locations. For example, your home, garage or office. 

We provide auto detailing all over Melbourne.

We deal with all kinds of cars, 4×4 vehicles, including motorbikes.

At least 2-3 times a year. LuxMotive provides high-end mobile exterior car cleaning in Melbourne at an affordable price.