Ceramic Coating and Its Benefits

Cars are a necessity and an asset. We save, plan and conduct thorough research before buying the ‘dream car’ we want.  Since they are valuable and also deeply cherished by their owners, maintaining, protecting and cleaning cars becomes an equally important discussion.  

Proper cleaning, internal and external maintenance and care assures a long-lasting as well as a good functioning car. There are a couple of methods and solutions that are available to the consumer today but how do they determine what is the best option for their car?

Weather conditions, usage, life span of the car and size are some basic determinants while choosing protection and cleaning solutions for your vehicle.

Ceramic coating is one such method which provides a protective layer on your car paint and prevents damage and fading. Ceramic coating is a chemical solution that is applied on the surface of your car to protect the paint and shine. Typically applied by hand, it blends with the paint of your car and creates an additional hydrophobic layer of protection. It mainly prevents dirt, grime and stain marks from appearing on the paint job and ruining the clear coat. 

Sometimes, it is also called as Nano ceramic coating. It is a permanent or semi-permanent solution to prevent your car paint from external and environmental damages. We not only provide the best car ceramic coating in Melbourne but also handle your vehicle with the same care and caution as you would. 

To further explain ceramic coating, let’s take you through some benefits of choosing it for your car. 

Benefits of Ceramic Coating

  • Protection from UV rays – Harmful UV radiation has a negative effect on the car’s surface too. Ceramic coating will protect your car’s paint from oxidizing, preventing it from fading in the sun. It is especially important if you park your car in the open.
  • Protection from chemical stains – Chemical stains come from acidic contaminants in the air and are harmful for the car paint. The rate at which air pollution is increasing, it is important that your car is well protected against these stains. Ceramic paint prevents these chemicals from bonding with the car’s surface and forming stains and marks.
  • No need for car waxing – Coating is a far more effective and time saving alternative to car waxing. It saves you from monthly car waxing sessions and hard work, provides all the protection that you receive from waxing and more.
  • Ease of cleaning – Unlike car waxing and other car detailing processes, you don’t need to wash your car after ceramic coating. Ceramic coat repels water and accumulates all the water-based dirt and dust on the surface which can be easily washed off with one simple jet wash. 
  • Gloss and Shine – It leaves your car with a flawless shine. The gloss and shine will make your vehicle look new for a long time without multiple car wash visits. For the best car ceramic coating in Melbourne, contact us.
  • Makes your car more durable – Ceramic coating makes your car paint much more durable and prevents the car against scratches and damages that can happen on the road.
  • Cost effective – It is simply cost effective and a more practical option because once the ceramic coating is done, it will protect your car for a long duration of time without any further coating or waxing needs. Additionally, it protects your car from damages that can cost you a lot more.
  • Ceramic coating repels dirt and mud – Ceramic coat helps in preventing any dirt or mud from accumulating on the car surface. If you expose your car to an environment with dust and mud, you will find it a lot easier to wash it off your car without any marks because of the coating.

Ceramic paint protection is certainly a good way to protect your car and extend its life. In the harsh climate conditions of Melbourne, your car will need the protective layers of ceramic coating to look and function in a good shape for a longer period of time.  

Apart from the multiple benefits of ceramic paint protection, there are a couple of things it does not provide and it’s important to know them as well before making a decision about the type of car detailing you need for your vehicle. 

Some of the things ceramic coating does not cover are: 

  • Protection against all kinds of scratches and swirl marks: It does not protect your car against all kinds of scratches, swirl marks, rock chips completely.
  • Protection from water spotting: As mentioned earlier, ceramic coating repels water, dirt and mud but it cannot completely avoid water marks that are left on the car as a result of natural minerals and solubles present in water.
  • Stops the need for a car wash: Ceramic coating does not mean that your car will not need the occasional wash. We provide you with the most efficient and quality ceramic car coating in Melbourne but cannot claim that your car will not need the occasional washing or cleaning. 

We have walked you through the meaning, benefits and myths around ceramic coating. However, many confuse this process with car paint correction. 

Car paint correction is a process in which defects (scratches, etching, oxidation, etc.) are removed from your paint job through different stages of machine polishing. It works on paint and is entirely different from ceramic car coating. Since there are many solutions like car waxing, car paint correction and car protection film available today, is ceramic coating worth it?

Yes, it is. The benefits that this service offers increases the life of your vehicle, making it a lot easier to maintain, and rids you of the regular visits for car cleaning and detailing. Since it can last longer on the surface of your car and protect the paint and colour, it has become a popular and effective solution in the market today. 

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