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The Protective Layer of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a Nano protective layer on your car. It provides protection against UV rays, radiation, dust, dirt, scratches and any other damage that may be caused to the surface of your car. It acts as a protective second layer to your car. We are proudly one of the best services in car ceramic coating Melbourne.

Role of Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is a chemical polymer solution that is applied to the exterior of a vehicle to protect external damages to the paint. It is applied by hand and blends flawlessly with the paint. It acts as a preventative layer against dirt, grime and stain marks from showing on the surface and damaging the coating. We provide our services with utmost care and precision in the area of car ceramic coating Melbourne.

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Our ceramic coating services also provides protection against

We provide one of the finest ceramic car paint protection Melbourne.

Types of Ceramic Coatings

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Paint Coatings

Designed for the external paintwork of your vehicle, these coatings enhance the gloss, provide a superficial protective layer that assists in hydrophobicity for an extended duration of time.

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Interior Coatings

Interior coatings can protect your leather, vinyl, fabric, plastic, and other delicate interior objects. Designed to stop staining, assist in the cleaning process and paint transfer, these car ceramic coating Melbourne reduce the overall time.

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Wheel Coatings

With the thickest coating out of the range, wheel coatings are one of the best ceramic coatings in Melbourne. They produce minimal gloss but provide a great layer of protection against brake dust and road grime, meaning that cleaning your wheels has never been easier.

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Which Coating Brand we use?

Wax is Dead provides an extremely thick 9H protective coating, and We designed it to be a single-layer ceramic. Being Melbourne’s only current installer, it is an honour to provide this quality product to my clients, ensuring that only the finest finish is left. This coating will guarantee your car to look new for many years to come, maintain that wet finish, and retain the hydrophobic effect.

This coating protects against UV rays, oils stains, bird droppings, dust, iron and tar contaminations, bugs, rail dust, and other environmental contaminants. This company provides the thickest and the most durable ceramic for your everyday commuter or a vehicle parked outside.

Having the ability to choose from either a 2-year, 5-year, or 10-year ceramic coating, they have you covered for what fits your budget. Wax is Dead also has an interior protection range, wheel range, and window coatings that we at Lux Motive can install and offer you an additional extra! After all, we offer the best ceramic car paint protection Melbourne.

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Ceramic Misc.

Ceramic coatings you can add!

Window Coatings

$100 front and back

$100 sides

Marine Coatings

Jetski: $500

Wheel Coatings

$60 for faces per wheel

$100 for inside and outside per wheel

Bike Coatings

$100 for push bikes

Additional Layers

$150 for an additional layers

Wrap Coatings

$450 for small cars

$550 for large


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Popular Questions/FAQ

Ceramic coating takes about 2-3 weeks’ time to settle in. It also depends on the temperature and humidity levels. However, the car can be used during this period with precaution and care.

Yes, even new cars can benefit from an extra protective layer. Ceramic coating can help in maintaining the newness of the vehicle and keep it protected.

Nano-ceramic coatings are intended to provide a semi-permanent layer of protection which can eventually become thin. Depending on the condition of the coating and quality, you can consider reapplying.

Ceramic coating can be refreshed by washing the car with ceramic shampoo and then spraying

No, Ceramic coating only enhances the color of your car and makes it glossier.