Car Interior Detailing

Superior Quality Car Interior Detailing in Melbourne

A vehicle needs to be clean and hygienic from both the inside and the outside. In comparison to exterior car detailing, car interior detailing Melbourne is a much more extensive and detailed process. Dirty interiors of your car may be covered with dust, debris and germs. This can lead to an unpleasant smell, unhygienic air circulation and various health diseases. Hence, it’s essential to clean a car’s interiors.

If you are looking for reliable car interior detailing in Melbourne, look no further than LuxMotive.

Car Interior Detailing Melbourne

Interior Car Detailing/Cleaning Package Includes:

Our Interior Washing Process

Interior Vacuuming

The first stage of our interior car detailing involves thorough vacuuming of your car, including carpets, seats, AC vents, dashboards etc.

Brushing & Cleaning

The second stage involves deep-cleaning of all internal surfaces – from washing your leather seats with a pH-neutral leather cleaner to nourishing them with a conditioner, from cleaning the trunk and spare to shampooing the cloth seats.


Re-vacuuming is necessary to remove any remaining dust in the interior cabin. We do this by wiping your dashboards and windows with a clean cloth.


Finally, we spray a good fragrance on the interiors of your car for a pleasant scent.

Car Interior Cleaning Melbourne

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Signature Interior Detail

Rejuvenate your interior with our mobile interior car detailing service. From washing leather seats with pH-neutral leather cleaner to nourishing them with a conditioner to cleaning the trunk and spare and shampooing the cloth seats, the service comprises deep-cleaning of all internal surfaces, carpet shampooing, and deep-cleansing with a hot water extractor, resulting in the removal of any dirt, debris, and odours.

For particular roof linings, we perform spot staining as they can be flimsy and get damaged. LuxMotive aims to offer the best quality car interior cleaning in Melbourne.

Prices Starting At:

Coupe/Sedan: $250 | SUV/Truck: $300

This is the starting price for vehicles in average condition. Any vehicle with excess soiling, stains or dog hair will be an additional charge.

car interior cleaning melbourne

Ultimate Interior protection

Protect your interior for years to come using our ceramic protection addons!

Leather Protection (12 Months) – Coupe/Sedan: $120 | SUV/Truck $160

Fabric Protection (36 Months) – Coupe/Sedan: $120 | SUV/Truck $160

Entry Level Plastic Protection (3 Months) – Coupe/Sedan: $60 | SUV/Truck $100


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Popular Questions/FAQ

Yes, we can. However, it will depend on how deep the stain is and other factors like fabric.

Undoubtedly! Car interior cleaning in Melbourne will help your car look new, clean and hygienic. Also, it helps to preserve your car’s re-sale value and strengthens it longevity.

At least 2-3 times a year. LuxMotive provides high-end mobile car interior detailing in Melbourne at an affordable price.

LuxMotive Signature Interior Detailing for Coupe/Sedan starts from $250 and SUV/Truck from $300. However, any vehicle with excess soiling, stains or dog hair will cost an additional charge.

You can go for our car interior cleaning services.