Car Paint Correction

Paint Correction that enhances the colour and shine of your car

Paint correction is the process of removing any minor flaws on a vehicle’s finish and re-establishing a newer finish. These minor issues include swirl marks, automated car wash marring, fine scratches, water spots, poor washing techniques etc. Paint correction involves the use of machine polishers and a range of different polishes and graded pads. Get the finest car paint correction services in Melbourne with us.

Reasons you need paint correction

Your car will inevitably develop paint damage like scratches, swirls, ingrained dust and dirt over time.  Swirls and scratches are usually caused by improper washing, waxing, drying and by hard objects.

These issues can be rectified by a paint correction process. To get the best car paint correction services in Melbourne contact us.

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Our Professional Paint Correction Service Can Fix

Procedure of Paint Correction

Removal of scratches, swirls and defects with the help of heavy compounding machine polishing.

Followed by refinement of the shine and polish

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Major Paint Correction

The process includes the removal of all the swirls, the heaviest scratches, and defects, significantly improving the finish. Take a look at the before and after images, and you can see the significant transformation after the Major Paint Correction process.

We remove the defects with a heavy compounding machine polishing in the first stage of this car paint correction. It is then followed by refining the finish and enhancing gloss and transparency. The price of this service may vary depending on the type of vehicle, condition, and paint. Moreover, we can provide you with a more precise pricing structure. Typically, this process removes 85-95% of all defects, however, it will also depend on the paint type and condition of your vehicle.

With Major Paint Correction, you will get an almost brand-new vehicle without the expense of a re-paint. Also, we highly recommend upgrading to our ceramic coating services to maintain your newly polished vehicle.

Prices Starting At

Coupe/Sedan $700 | SUV/Truck $900

We have included Wax is Dead Regen, which is three-month ceramic protection. Instead of entry-level ceramic coatings, the customer can upgrade to one of our Wax is Dead ceramic coatings for an additional charge.

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Minor Paint Correction

The Minor Paint Correction includes just one stage of machine polishing (also referred to as one-step polishing). And this is the reason behind not considering it a “perfect detail”. However, it brings a big transformation in the paint condition.

On softer paints, we ensure to remove 50-80% of all swirls, haze, and light defects. Whereas, on harder paints, this could be 40-60%. Moreover, several variables dictate the extent of correction in one single process, as we approach each car and paint system accordingly to maximize results for the given budget or purposes. The same method or product doesn’t need to work for all vehicles.

Prices Starting At

Coupe/Sedan $350 | SUV/Truck $450

We have included our entry-level spray sealant. Instead of entry-level ceramic coatings, the customer can upgrade to one of our additional Wax is Dead ceramic coatings for an additional charge.


Our USP’s/ Why Choose US

Popular Questions/FAQ

We use non-destructive paint thickness and coating gages. They enable a quick assessment of the quality of paint finish. With the help of the gages, our team determines the condition of the paint and the work that it would require. We give our clients the best paint correction services Melbourne post examining the car paint condition.

The time duration of the process depends on the condition and quality of the paint. Minor paint correction, which is a single-step process, takes only 1 day.

longevity, preserves upholsteries and corrects exterior paintwork,

The cost of paint correction would vary depending on the time and services it took for us to get your car looking bright and shiny again. The type and size of your car would also factor in to determine the cost. We can provide a quote after an examination and you can avail of our free consultation services to know more.

The answer is no. It does the opposite of that. Professionals know about the different types of paints and how to work around each type carefully to ensure the safety of your car paint. Paint correction services are meant to enhance the beauty, appearance and colour of your car.

No. In fact, paint correction specifically works on removing any swirl marks, holograms and dirt from the surface of your car. For the most effective and professional paint correction services Melbourne – check our services in detail.