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Motorbike Detailing

Just like cars, motorcycles need intensive care, cleaning and examination. Since all body parts of a motorbike are exposed to the weather and outside dust and dirt. it is very crucial to get into the specific cleaning of motorbikes and take care of all its parts. It not only enhances bikers’ experience but adds to its resale value. Polishing, waxing, coating are all essential aspects in motorcycle detailing. Detailing a motorcycle is not an easy task. This vehicle has plenty of nooks and crannies that require meticulous cleaning.

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motorbike detailing melbourne

Motorbike Detailing Includes:

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Popular Questions/FAQ

Yes, it is okay to use a pressure washer. Pressure wash can help get off all the dirt and grime easily but it needs to be done with caution. Motorcycles are water resistant but not waterproof. For suggestions and details on the best motorbike detailing Melbourne, contact us.

Depending on the requirement and the condition of the vehicle it can take a few hours or even a day

Top-quality polishing products and cleaning tools are used to get the best results.

There are four steps to the process:

   -Pre-wash motorcycle detailing tools


  -Motorcycle detailing tools for the drying phase


It takes a couple of steps to clean a motorcycle engine the right way. The steps are:

  • Air it out
  • Cover it up
  • Release the grease
  • Let it dry
  • Apply seal protectant
  • Polish it.