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Paint Protection Film (PPF) and its unique features

PPF is applied to the top layer of a car’s paint and is either transparent or coloured. It has self-healing properties. Your car’s lamination can repair itself if it gets scratched up. The laminate is made of an elastomeric polymeric substance that helps maintain its shape once stretched. Paint protection films are fine sheets that are extensively used for automotive protection. Once applied, they shield the cars from abrasions caused by fine debris, paint swirls, bug splatters, stains and in turn, increase the surface durability multi-fold.

Apart from providing top-quality car paint protection in Melbourne we also offer car paint protection film. We are guaranteed service providers, known for our precision and dedication in car paint protection Melbourne.

Paint Protection Film Melbourne

Steps of PPF Application

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Popular Questions/FAQ

It takes about a week’s time. The time duration can differ as per the car model, size and condition. Some models may need to be disassembled and reassembled with other parts to ensure the quality of the finished product. You will have a seamless and fully protected car surface with our car paint protection film Melbourne.

It usually comes with a warranty period of 5-10 years. How the car is maintained and used over time also impacts the longevity of the film.

No, the right and effective method would be to get the PPF installation on a car that does not have ceramic coating as it will make the surface extremely smooth and reduce adhesion.

Yes, it is removable. We give you a hassle free experience of removing and applying car paint protection film in Melbourne

Yes, PPF comes in matte and glossy materials.